Save Merrishaw Day Nursery from closure

Stirchley and Cotteridge against the Cuts are supporting  a parents campaign to save Merrishaw Day Nursery in West Heath from closure.

This closure is imminent and the campaign needs your urgent support. A similar threat was announced 12 months ago but a campaign by parents, staff and UNISON caused councillors to u-turn.

The campaign also believes that the rest of service will be scaled down so that only those classed as “children in need” would be able to access the day nursery.

Don’t let this  happen!
*We are not being heard
*No consultation
*We do not want our children  to move.
*Our children are happy and settled at Merrishaw.

What you can do

1. Join our stall / street leafletting on Saturday.  We will meet at West Heath Shops, Alvechurch Rd, by the Co-op at 10:30am

There will now also be a stall/street leafletting on Saturday 23rd July, from 10:30am, at Faifaax Shops, bottom of Cropredy Road, West Heath

2. Join us on Saturday 30th July, 9.30a.m at Merrishaw Nursery, 49  Merrishaw Road, B31 3SL as we walk to Hampstead House to deliver our petition to the councillors.

Next Stirchley and Cotteridge Against the Cuts Planning meeting will be on Tuesday 26th July, 7:15pm, Stirchley Community Church, Perhsore road (opposite the old Stirchley Paths)

To contact Stirchley and Cotteridge Against the Cuts, Email or call 07828 013 091

Although Birmingham City Council has previously denied that there will be any closures, GMB union which represents many of the nursery workers were able to find out from the council that the plans do in fact involve closing the following nurseries:

Teviot Tower – Aston
The Chestnut Centre – Bordsley Green
Yatesburry Avenue – closed in May 2011- Castle Vale.
Millpool Gardens – Kings Heath
Merrishaw – West Heath
New Spring St – Ladywood
Belgravia -Highgate
Dyson Gardens – Alum Rock.

These plans have not yet been finalised, and GMB will be working against the plans with the workers and we need to include the parents who use these nurseries and make sure that the councillors know that their communities do not accept the need to close nurseries in Birmingham.

If you are a parent who uses one of these nurseries, please get in touch with us at  Perhaps you could work on a campaign to save the nursery that you use, along with other parents.  If you’ve never done any campaigning before, don’t worry, we can put you in touch with experienced activists living in your area who can help.  Working together we can save our services from closure.




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3 responses to “Save Merrishaw Day Nursery from closure

  1. Vanessa

    I am a parent from Merrishaw nursery and would ask everyone to join us on 30th July outside merrishaw nursery at 9.30a.m.As parents we have not had a proper consultation.We have just been told this is what is going to happen regardless of the parents/carers/childrens viiews.This time last year promises were made that the nursery would remain open.This is clearly not what is happening.

  2. kerry

    hi i am parent of 3 children that attend dyson gardens in alum rock i was also promised last year that the nursery would remain open but then attened a meeting 2 months ago tellin me the nursery will be closin in august no matter what we do to stop it all the parents an staff at our nursery dont know what to do next they cant just do this surely there must b a way of keepin it open if you have any advise for us pls let me know, thank you.

  3. Hi Kerry,

    I’ve passed on your comment to other people in Birmingham Against the Cuts, but I’m not sure who is on holiday at the moment.
    We have a meeting on the 22nd August that you could come to – but I appreciate that may well be too late.
    Right not, I would suggest that you try to get as many parents and workers together to talk about what you can do. You could organise a petition, try to get as many workers, parents, grandparents and nearby residents to sign it as possible, and present it to your local councillors.
    The aim of such a petition should be to ask the council to delay or stop the closure until further consultation has taken place.
    If you have been offered places in nurseries that are further away from you, or do not reach the same ofsted rating as the dyson gardens nursery, this would strengthen your case for a delay. If there are people who do not have alternative provision then this would also help your case to keep the nursery open.
    Obviously alternative provision is not the right answer, but it is the first thing that will come back to you from the council and you will need to be able to explain why it is not suitable or as good as Dyson Gardens provision.
    If enough councillors fight for the provision to remain then it may be possible to reverse (or at least delay) the decision to close the nurseries.

    You can get contact details for your councillors using, and somewhere on the Birmingham City Council site I’m sure there are lists of where and when councillors hold surgeries that you could go to to talk to them, but I can’t find it at the moment.

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