Hands off Brum Services – Month of action

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) at J30

July is going to be a month of action on Birmingham care and support services, with UNISON, DPAC, SWAN, RtoW and BATC coming together to campaign on vital services being attacked by the ConDem council cuts.  As announced at last week’s Victoria Square rally, a lobby of the next full meeting of Birmingham City Council will take place tomorrow, 5th July at 5.00pm to protest about the council’s plans for savage cuts to adult social care services, their plans to privatise social care services and social work, and the Government’s attacks on benefits for Disabled People.

Hands Off Our Care and Support Services, Our Benefits and Our Futures

Rally of Birmingham City Council Meeting

5.00pm Tuesday 5 July 2011

Outside Council House, Victoria Square

The rally has been called by UNISON Birmingham Branch, Disabled People Against The Cuts (DPAC), the Social Work Action Network (SWAN), the Right To Work Campaign (RtoW) and Birmingham Against the Cuts (BATC).
Facebook Event for the rally, invite your friends along

This is the last Birmingham Council meeting until 11th October. So we have to protest NOW.

Birmingham plans to cut over £33 million from adult social care services this year alone. This will rise to £118m by 2014/5, or around one third of the £330m cuts the council will make. In May 2011, a High Court Judicial Review ruled the cuts unlawful as the council had not fully carried out its obligations under disability discrimination legislation. Birmingham City Council Chief Executive, Stephen Hughes, has told Birmingham staff that there will be another public consultation process later this year.

At the same time, Birmingham City Council is also preparing to privatise its adult care assessment and care management services into a ‘social enterprise’. They are currently setting up a private company to provide social work services for disabled people in the north of Birmingham under a Social Work Pilot scheme. Wholesale closures of in-house adult social care services are expected over the next two years, with transfer of services to the private sector.

This rally presents an opportunity to raise public awareness of the heavy burden of cuts being carried by disabled people and older adults . We will be reaching out to service user and carers groups throughout the city to take part in the consultation exercise to defend social care provision for older adults and disabled people.

The protest rally will also be highlighting proposed changes to benefit systems for health and disability related benefits. Campaigners are vigorously opposing the new medical assessment process for benefit entitlement run by the private firm ATOS.

Later in July, there will be a public meeting of all five sponsoring organisations (DIPAC, SWAN, RtoW, Birmingham UNISON, and BATC). This will take place as follows

Hands Off Our Care and Support Services, Our Benefits and Our Futures
Public Meeting

6.00pm Wednesday 20 July 2011
Transport House
Broad Street, Birmingham

The five sponsoring groups are preparing a detailed pamphlet setting out the range of threats to services and benefits for disabled people, from council cuts in services, the privatisation of Social Work, to the cuts in benefits and the new medical assessment process. This will be published at the end of July.

Email us on handsoffbrumservices@gmail.com if you would like to take an active part in our campaign.

Graeme Horn
UNISON Birmingham Joint Branch Secretary



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4 responses to “Hands off Brum Services – Month of action

  1. Bob Williams-Findlay

    Can’t make it tomorrow, 5th July, but I’m there in spirit. What is urgently needed alongside this campaign and the ongoing work of DPAC is the bringing together Birmingham disabled people to ensure their voices are heard in the next round of consultations.

    We require self-organisation; disabled people who are willing and able to go into day centres, clubs and residential homes to explain what the issues are and canvas opinion. Unity is our strength, division is our weakness, disabled activists need to take a lead and put the past behind us.

  2. John Caffrey

    20 July is a Wednesday, not a Tuesday according to my diary. Please could you clarify when the public meeting actually is?

  3. Thanks for pointing that out, the meeting is on Wednesday 20th not on the Tuesday (thankfully the printed flyers are correct, something just went wrong when I was writing the flyer across onto the website)

  4. DEFEND BIRMINGHAM 44 ON JULY 25TH! SEND THE DWP GESTAPO “Mobile Regional Taskforce PACKING! They will be “scrutinising the claims of a high proportion of current benefit customers within this specific geographical location, regardless of age, gender, ethnic make-up, type of benefit recipient, income, disability breakdown or family status”! http://www.dwp.gov.uk/newsroom​/press-releases/2011/jul-2011/​dwp080-11.shtml

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