7 Days to J30, 7 things to do

5 Unions will be striking in Birmingham on 30th June

The biggest strikes in recent history are just 7 days away, and Birmingham will be amongst the biggest because our council workers are striking alongside teachers, lecturers and civil servants, defending their pay & pensions and our services.

Here are 7 things you can do over the next week to help the strike:


(a) if you work in a striking workplace, talk to other people at your workplace, especially those who are not unionised, about the strike.  If you can, try to get non-unionised people to join the union – if they join before the day of strikes, then they are legally entitled to strike.
If you are in a non-striking workplace then talk to other people about the strike and why they should support it. If possible, talk about organising a group of you to go to a nearby picket in the morning before work to say hello (I’m informed that tea and biscuits are always very welcome).

(b) if you don’t currently work, and know other people who don’t work, why not see if you can find a group to come with to the strike rally.  We all need to be out to show the strikers our support, as these strikes defend public services we all benefit from.  By showing that this is not just the public sector workers we can also show a wider resistance to cuts and this government in general.


Come and help us leaflet, 12noon-2pm, Birmingham City Centre, near Waterstones High Street.  As well as Birmingham Against the Cuts, the striking unions will be running stalls and leafletting.


Everyone needs a day off politics 😉 Read the papers, spend some time with your family and/or friends.  If you’re really feeling keen then I’d suggest reading up on the strike, and find answers to the arguments stated and questions posed by the right wing press about pensions and striking workers.


If you work, drop some leaflets that you picked up at the stall in your workplace.  If you don’t currently work, why not leaflet your street or somewhere else that you think would be better.  Perhaps a school and talk to the parents about why they should support their teachers going on strike.


Public Meeting at the council house, 7pm.  Speakers include Kevin Courtney, deputy general secretary of the NUT.  Come along to help to build the final push.


If you’re striking – is everyone at work in the union?  Last chance for anyone to join the union, and make sure people know about the strike rally and any picket arrangements you have.  Encourage everyone to come to the strike rally.

If you are free in the morning, come and Welcome Nick Clegg to Birmingham as a warm-up for Thursdays huge rally.

If you’re free in the afternoon, you could leaflet a nearby school and talk to the parents about the strike and the rally tomorrow.


Join a picket then come to the strike rally, 12 noon, Victoria Square.


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