Action taking place on Academies

‘Hands off Bournville School – Say No to Academy Status’ were out on the campaign trail this morning at Selly Oak Festival. Managing to get a stall after a last-minute cancellation, we weathered the wind and rain with the help of a borrowed gazebo and got 80 signatures on our petition. The response from the community was overwhelmingly positive – a great start to our campaign!  Thank you to Bob Whitehead who came to the rescue with a couple of clipboards and some Anti Academy Alliance leaflets (we were using dinosaur picture-books and sellotape until then).  Now we’ve started there’s no stopping us. Watch this space!

by Sarah Barton

You can support and keep in touch with the campaign for this school by supporting their campaign on Digital Democracy or by joining their Facebook Group or by emailing

As well as Bournville School, Fairfax School in Sutton Coldfield is seeking to move to academy status, and the teachers there have voted to take industrial action, and will be striking on the 28th and 29th June.  There is a public meeting held by Alliance Against Birmingham Academies, about the strikes at Fairfax School, Sutton Town Hall on the 27th, from 7pm.

For more on that campaign, email or join their Facebook Group

For more information on why we oppose academies, have a look at the Anti Academies Alliance website 



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6 responses to “Action taking place on Academies

  1. Bill Webber

    I just hope that Union member picketing at the school, are sensitive to the needs of the children, especially those taking their GCSE’s on that day.

  2. I’m pretty sure exams have finished by then – a quick glance at AQA’s timetable shows the last exam (Physics A levels) on Monday 27th

    Click to access AQA-TT-GCE-JUN11.PDF

    Certainly one of the reasons for the teachers pension strike being placed on the 30th was that exams would be over and it wouldn’t affect any students results.

    I’m confident that no teacher takes strike action lightly, and would be sensitive to the needs of their students.

  3. Bill Webber

    Your Article States will be striking on the 28th and 29th June, OCR have 3 timetabled exams for the 28th.
    Additional Science, Chemistry & Environmental and Land-based Science

  4. Ah, fair enough. I’m sure that if any students at Fairfax school are sitting those exams that the teachers will be sensitive to their needs.
    I’ll see if I can get someone involved in the strike to let us know if there are exams at the school on the strike days.

  5. Bill Webber

    The letter from the Chair of governors which came out to us parents today stated, that the Year 10 GCSE examinations will be unaffected and will still take place, I really hope there will be no Media Circus on the day of the exams,and no political stunts, this is an exterrmly improtant time for our children, and is very poor timing by the unions, regardless of the validity of there claims.

  6. Hopefully someone involved in the strike will comment on this. You could attend the public meeting on the 27th to find out directly what will be happening on the day, and what measures the unions have taken to ensure that the exams/students taking the exams are unaffected by this.

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