Legal Aid cuts bill – parliamentary dates announced

On Tuesday, Sound Off For Justice posted this to their facebook page:

We’ve just got word that the bill is going to be fast-tracked. This means the Government is trying to avoid the debate in Parliament and with society before 725,000 people are cut out of the legal system. The bill is expected this Thursday in the House of Commons – the 2nd reading of the bill is expected on the 28th of June. We need you to get as many people as possible to join the campaign today.

A couple of weeks ago, Justice for All (another campaign group fighting cuts to legal aid) held a national day of action, which included a demonstration and public meeting in Birmingham.

At that meeting we learnt about some of the ways that £350 million of cuts to legal aid will affect people, as it removes access to justice from over 6,000 people in Birmingham, seeking legal advice on subjects such as divorce, housing and immigration.  More details in the report made of that event.

We expect that Sound Off For Justice and Justice For All will be organising against the bill, and we will let you know what is happening in Birmingham, but you should also go and like their respective facebook pages, or subscribe to their websites to keep up to date with what you can do to fight these cuts – ones that could truthfully be said are “literally unjust”




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