NHS demonstration – Monday 23rd

Following the announcement of 700 hospital beds being cut in Birmingham and Solihull, Birmingham against the Cuts, supported by Right to Work, have called an emergency demonstration.

This will be held at the main entrance of Queen Elisabeth Hospital, at 5pm on Monday 23rd. Facebook Event

The news is the latest in a series of news about job and services cuts to the supposedly ringfenced NHS budget.

1,600 Job Losses at Heart of England Trust (which runs Heartlands hospital – this represents 20% of their staff

£22million cuts at the University Hospital Trust will lead to 3,000 fewer admissions, and nearly 40,000 fewer outpatient appointments

£12million cuts at Sandwell and Dudley trust will lead to job losses, though the details of this are not yet known.

Overall, False Economy found over 4,000 job losses planned in the NHS in the West Midlands..

This is what a “ringfenced” budget looks like to the conservative party.   Cuts of up to 20% in budgets, leading to staffing cuts, a reduced number of appointments (both admissions and outpatient appointments) and a decline in the standards of patient care.

Combined with the health bill, the ConDem attack on the NHS is extreme, and needs to be opposed.

Join us to defend one of the most important institutions in the UK.


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