EHRC PCS Strike Report

The latest national ‘lightning’ strike at the Equalities and Human Rights Commission took place today, Wednesday 11th May, from 11am till mid-day. Strikers at the Birmingham office held a public protest outside the Lancaster House building on Great Charles Street, complete with banners and placards. They received frequent toots from passing motorists as they distributed their leaflets to passers-by. These leaflets reminded people that the EHRC is facing a 68% cut to its budget and a 66% cut to its staffing.
The PCS union, which has overwhelming support from its members for the action, stresses that it is about defending essential services for the public, for those who face discrimination and for those who face human rights abuses, as well as about protecting jobs. At 12pm the strikers marched back into work, to applause from their supporters gathered outside.
For more information about the strike, see our post here
 This protest will not be the last, and once again it sets an example to other people threatened by the cuts.
The protest was supported by Birmingham Against the Cuts, and the strikers will have a chance to put their case to the public meeting that it is holding on Thursday May 26th at the Council House.
With thanks to Bob Whitehead for the report and photographs

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