Cotteridge stall report

The latest activity by Stirchley and Cotteridge against the Cuts was today’s street stall on the Cotteridge island.

We set out our stall in defence of a publicly owned blood service, as part of a well funded and publicly owned health service.
A few years ago it would have been unthinkable that we would have to campaign over such things, but the ConDems are clearly trying to to pull the NHS towards the failed US model of private health care. They are currently trying to sell off the blood and organ donation service.

In response, a new campaign “Save our NHS – West Midlands” is to be set up in about a week’s time. It seeks to build up a local network of people via email, text, FaceBook and leaflets. People should visit ‘Save Our NHS – West Midlands’ on Facebook for the time being. The campaign phone number is 0121 3140607 (24 hour voicemail). The website is not live yet either but will be at

As today’s stall showed, our cause is very popular, as is our public campaigning against the city Council cuts. The “pause” in the ConDem offensive is a recognition of how unpopular their counter-reforms are, and we are confident that when we really get our message out, their pause can become permanent.

Reminder; the next meeting of Stirchley and Cotteridge against the Cuts is Thursday, 14th April, 7.30pm at the Stirchley Community Centre.


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