Stichley and Cotteridge Against the Cut organising meeting

Open organising meeting
Weds 9th March 7.30pm
Cotteridge Church – all welcome

The Condem coalition that runs the Council has, without any mandate, voted through over £200m worth of cuts, with only minimal opposition in the chamber. But how will this affect the Day Centre, the Neighbourhood Office and other local services? What is the next step for our anti cuts campaigns?

After our successful public meeting on 23rd February, we must maintain our momentum of protecting these services. We are asking you to come along to a more informal meeting to decide what we can do next.

(Even if you cannot make it, please keep in touch.)

If services are targeted and closed without a protest, the council will only come back for more. We need to make sure they know that every time a local cut is announced, a strong community campaign will be ready to respond.

Hope to see you all there

Stirchley and Cotteridge against the Cuts


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2 responses to “Stichley and Cotteridge Against the Cut organising meeting

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  2. Hello

    I have recently received a letter from the Labour Party (Ed Balls) inviting me to a meeting to discuss “a differnt approach to the cuts”. The meeting (a hand-picked audience job by the look of it) is scheduled to take place @ 5:45pm on 17 March and perhpa uoi might want to target or leaflet it. You can log on to to register and get the venue details.

    Hope this may be of some use.


    Geoff Smith

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