Birmingham City Council votes cuts through

Birmingham City Council yesterday voted through a budget cutting £212 million from the budget for 2011/12.

You can see in a previous post some of what this is going to mean in real terms for residents of Birmingham.

Birmingham Against the Cuts would like to applaud all councillors who voted against  the cuts budget.


Councils across the country continue to vote on budget cuts, and Sandwell and Dudley council will do so on monday, go along if you can to show opposition to cuts in neighbouring councils. Facebook Event 5pm at Dudley council house, council meeting starts at 6pm.


Now our action against cuts will turn to the national stage, and the TUC national demonstration for the alternative: Jobs, Growth, Justice on March 26th in London.

Unison in Birmingham have already filled 17 coaches, and other unions also have coaches running.  If you are looking for transport, please contact your union, or look on False Economy.  If you are a benefit claimant, young person or someone who doesn’t have union representation for any other reason, please contact us as we are working with unions to provide subsidised places on coaches.


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