Birmingham City Council deputy leader hits out at cuts

The Birmingham Post has today reported that:

Birmingham City Council’s deputy leader has spoken of his frustration and exasperation at the “draconian” budget cuts forced on the city by the Government.

Coun Paul Tilsley is among 91 Liberal Democrat councillors to sign a letter accusing Tory Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles of gunboat diplomacy and “shaking a stick” at councillors.


Birmingham City Council is facing amongst the largest budget cuts in the UK, far more than wealthy, tory strongholds, despite the fact that Birmingham has the highest unemployment rate of any city in the UK.  We have seen that the prospect of national cuts, and the ending of the effects of the stimulus provided by quantitative easing led to a reduction in GPD of 0.5% in the 4th Quarter of 2010, and believe that the implication of cuts for this city (and indeed the UK as a whole) is a continued reduction of GDP, and the job losses that accompany that.

Birmingham Against the Cuts is calling for councillors to vote against cuts in the budget for 2011/12.

We hope that Coun Tilsley follows through on his criticisms of the council budget settlements by voting against the cuts.

We have a petition online for people to sign: here

On the 17th of February, there is a public meeting, 7:30pm at the Council House.


Cllr Salma Yaqoob, Respect
Caroline Johnson, Unison
Paul Mackney, former General Secretary UCU
Martin Empson, Campaign against Climate Change
John Lister, Health Emergency

Plus speakers from Local campaigns, and contributions from the floor.

All welcome.

Facebook Event

On Saturday 26th Feb there will be a rally and march, assembling at Birmingham Cathedral at noon.  March route is to be agreed with police/council.  Speakers to be confirmed.  This is the time to come out and show your opposition to the local cuts.

Facebook Event

On Tuesday 1st March, there will be a demonstration outside the council house from 2pm (it’ll be going into the evening so join us after work ).  This is the meeting at which the council budget will be set, and we need to have vocal and visual reminders to councillors that they should be voting against any cuts to local services.

Facebook Event


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