Demonstration against Council Cuts 26th Feb

On Saturday 26th February Birmingham Against the Cuts will hold a demonstration to call on councillors to vote against the budget cuts at the budget setting meeting on Tues March 1st.

Assemble at Birmingham Cathedral, St. Philips Place at 12 noon.

March route to be agreed with the police/council

Rally speakers to be confirmed.

It is vital that we show our opposition to the ~£116m of cuts that are being presented for approval in this budget, that will deeply affect council services and jobs in the city.


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3 responses to “Demonstration against Council Cuts 26th Feb

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  2. Dan

    Publish the route. I want to go shopping and avoid this and any trouble

    • Tom

      There won’t be any trouble, this is a peaceful demonstration. As far as I know, the route is planned to go down High Street and New Street, leaving the cathedral at 12:45

      But if you think that £200mn of council cuts, 2,500 jobs, and a seemingly endless list of public services being destroyed is less important than shopping, then you go ahead.
      Nationally the austerity measures have caused GDP to contract (-0.6% Q4 2010, compared to growth in Germany of +0.4% (Germany does not have austerity measures), they will not reduce the deficit, just GDP.
      Unemployment in Birmingham is 11.4%, twice the national average. There are over 50,000 JSA claimants and many more under or unemployed people looking for work, but only 6,700 vacancies for them. Explain to me how making 2,500 people redundant (plus the 2,200 from WM police force and over 4,000 from NHS jobs in the west mids) helps to reduce unemployment in Birmingham?

      Austerity measures are economic madness, go to and read what some of the experts there, like Joseph Stiglitz (nobel prize winning economist, former chief of the World Bank) have to say, or take a look at what the IMF think might happen if all countries bring in austerity measures.
      Have a look at Ireland, which introduced Austerity measures immediately following the banking crisis of 2008, and decide whether you would prefer our economy to be heading that way or the way Germany is.

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