University of Birmingham occupied

Students at the university of Birmingham have occupied the Physics/Maths bridge in protest about cuts in education.

Is their blog, you can also follow one of the occupiers on twitter @stopcutsbrum

At the moment, security are not allowing other students to enter the occupation, and they are denying access to toilets and water to students who are occupying.

Please follow updates on their blog, at the moment students are asking everyone to call the VC to demand access to the occupation and access to toilets and water for occupying students.

The student protests and occupations at the end of 2010 provided a huge amount of inspiration and momentum for the anti-cuts movement, and students have continually shown solidarity and support for the wider anti-cuts agenda, refusing to focus purely on university cuts and students fees and maintaining a wider focus, not just on education cuts but on cuts as a whole, and they deserve our support and solidarity now.

Please watch the blog or follow on twitter, call the VC and demand they allow the occupation to be open.

I am not publishing the number here because once access has been granted, we no longer need to try to flood the university switchboard with calls, and I will not be able to update this site as quickly as the students own blog.



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