Eric Pickles “Delighted” by Birmingham Council Cuts

Birmingham Budget Cuts reports:

Birmingham Budget Cuts rounds up the planned local cuts after Eric Pickles – Conservative Minister for Local Government – responded to questioning by Northfield MP Richard Burden by saying he was “delighted” that Birmingham City Council’s budget would be cut by eight per cent, as reported by the Birmingham Post.

Birmingham Post Article

7,000-10,000 job losses, as many as 26,000 council workers facing reviews to pay and conditions that will probably lead to cuts in pay (either directly or effectively through the loss of shift allowances or the addition of extra hours without compensation).  Cuts in council services such as Connexions and library services and many more losses to the people of Birmingham.

This delights a Tory minister.

Join us on the streets on the 26th February to demonstrate against the cuts.

There are also many actions coming up over the next month in and around Birmingham, see the upcoming actions page for more details.


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