Refuse Worker Strike Suspended

We have been told that the Refuse Worker strikes scheduled for tomorrow and friday have been suspended following talks with the council this evening.

We hope that this signals the start of a climbdown by the council and a removal of the threat of £4,000 pay cuts for the refuse workers.


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One response to “Refuse Worker Strike Suspended

  1. steve

    the “street cleansers” n the markets were telling me that while the refuse-workers’ unions were in talks with the Council management, the Council were finding more temps to employ
    and ‘my’ binmen:- clearing long-standing rubbish outside the flats here last Sunday, explained that they have won “1 or 2 increments” (ie 2 for drivers) ……..but the destruction of the wkend and shift-pays etc is going ahead because that is “an entirely seperate dispute” and the refuse workers are going to lose theirs too with the new contract (April?)

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